Assessing your needs

The first step

The first step is to find out what care you need. Whether or not you want your local authority to help with your care, it’s important that you ask their adult social services department to assess your needs. As well as identifying the care you need and your options for getting it, an assessment will give you a good idea of cost and what funding is available to you.

The law requires your local authority to carry out an assessment for you. To request an assessment, contact your local authority and ask for the adult social services department.

You can find your local authority’s contact details on their website, at their offices or in the phone book. Your GP, healthcare professional or local Citizens Advice Bureau will also be able to tell you how to get in touch with them.

Choosing a care provider

Research can be time consuming but it will be worthwhile to find the right provider for you.

If you’re eligible for funded care, your local authority will point you towards their own home care service or recommend a local provider.

If you don’t qualify for financial assistance, or you’d prefer not to involve social services, you can contact private providers or local voluntary organisations.

When you’re deciding on a home care provider, ask yourself if their services match your needs right now, as well as the needs you expect to have in the future.

Also ask if the provider:​​

  • fully trains its care workers and monitors when they visit your home

  • gives you a free home visit to assess your requirements

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